Law and Order

Law and Order within Libertalia is maintained by two parts of the Civil Government, the Republic National Police, and the Army of Libertalia (or Republic Army).

The Republic National Police operates as the premier national police service in Libertalia, being tasked with maintaining law and order and enforcing the laws set by the Senate.

The Republic Army serves in peace time as a law enforcement branch as well, but in times of conflict, may be deployed anywhere the Senate requires to find, engage, and destroy enemies of the Republic both foreign and domestic. 

Senate Guard Corps

Charged with guarding the Libertalian Senate, the Senate Guard Corps is considered to be the most pretigious unit of the Libertalian National Police. 

The Senate Guard is made up of the best of the best of the National Police and Armed Forces, with members of this corps (known as Guardsmen instead of Officers) being among the best, most loyal servicemen in the Libertalian Uniformed Services. 

Senate Guardsmen hold two primary tasks, defending the Senate during sessions, and protecting officials abroad. In times of war, the Senate may activate the Senate Guard to maintain the peace and act as a final line of defense in the case of invasion, like the rest of the National Police

National Police Service

The National Police Service is the Regular Police Force of the Libertalian National Police, making up most of the LNP's forces. These officers maintain law and order, enforce laws, deter terrorism, seize illegal items, work with foreign law enforcement and act as an irregular army force in wartime.