About us

A brief history

The Republic of Libertalia, or Libertalia for short, was founded in November of 2017 by our founder and current President, Connor McLean. The nation was originally called the Floridian Federation, and has gone by many names over the years before settling on the one which we use today. 

Libertalia was founded on three core principles, these being freedom, liberty, and self determination. Libertalia exists to give people a voice and a way to show the world that a nation and a people can exist in a better way than it does in many nations across the globe, Libertalia exists to unite her people under a common cause, the pursuit of progress. 

Our Mission

Libertalia's ultimate goal for its existence is the creations of several small communal areas (largely known as communes) under what the President calls "The Communities of Tomorrow" project. These communities main proposed function is to provide affordable, safe and modern housing and public amenities to those in need, and to provide a safe and open community to currently at risk or marginalized peoples seeking protection from the governments which attempt to oppress them.